BlueSCSI Firmware Update Service


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If your BlueSCSI shipped before 04/11/2022 from me or any authorized seller your BlueSCSI does not have the ability to be updated easily via a USB cable.  If your Bluescsi rapidly blinks for a couple of seconds at boot up, then it has the USB upgradable firmware

Authorized sellers will – for the cost of shipping – update your BlueSCSI for you!

Your BlueSCSI must be in working order. I will update to the latest firmware and load the USB Bootloader.

Next time there is an update you will be able to easily flash it with a USB cable.


  • Purchase this service which covers the round trip shipping
  • I will send you a mailing label to send your BlueSCSIs to me
  • Once I receive them, I will update and test them and mail them back

Note: make sure they are shipped in either a padded envelope or small box(under 10” in all dimensions)

This is for all versions of BlueSCSI from 1.0-a to 1.1-a.

Please note I am limiting this to a few per week to ensure I can get them all done in a timely manner

There are 2 options, for US and Canada.  Make sure you select the correct country.

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