BlueSCSI 1.1a DB25 SCSI Hard Drive Emulator


BlueSCSI 1.1a SCSI hard drive emulator.

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New 1.1 External DB25 design!  The DB-25 version makes it easy to move between different computers using the external DB-25 connection. It is powered via the Bus or USB connection.  

BlueSCSI provides a convenient way to use MicroSD cards hard drives in your Vintage Macintosh! It comes as a Fully assembled solution or Kit!

Simple Design – Place a file on an SD card and go. Nothing to configure or setup.

Power Options – In most cases it is powered directly from the SCSI bus. If your bus can’t supply enough power it provides a MicroUSB power connector on the BluePill.

Note for Mac Plus users – The Plus doesn’t provide termination power by default, but a diode can be added on the Logic Board to add termination power.

See this post for more info.  If you want to do that mod and need a diode, let me know in the order comments and I will put a diode in your order free of charge when I ship it.  If you do not want to do the mod, you can just power it through the USB port of the BlueSCSI

Performance – Up to 1024KB/sec Read, 912KB/sec write.

Compatibility – Most Macintosh machines that use SCSI – Check out the Wiki page at for a full list

BlueSCSI comes in three variants:

  • Fully Assembled. Assembled & tested. Just plug it in, write a file to a SD card and boot your Vintage Mac!
  • The kit comes with a preflashed & tested BluePill along with all the parts you need to get it up and running – Just add an SD card and a Vintage Macintosh! You must be comfortable with through hole soldering along with one component that is surface mount. This is a good kit to test your skills in this area! If you are not comfortable soldering please choose a fully assembled kit.
  • The kit with a pre-soldered SD slot – Same as above, but the surface-mount MicroSD slot has been pre-soldered, so the only things to solder are through-hole components

I’ll typically ship within 2 or 3 business days, but could be up to a week depending on how busy I am. All orders are shipped with USPS 1st class, except if I ship outside of the US or Canada I’ll usually ship with UPS

for other countries see a list of alternative sellers at


Please note regarding Fake ST chips: Due to the global chip shortage, most of the Bluepill’s that are sent out will be clones and not genuine ST chips.  They may be maked as ST but fake, they may be marked as CHK or HDM or something else.  They are still 100% compatible and supported by BlueSCSI, are all tested and benchmarked on a vintage Macintosh before being sent out(both assembled units, and the Bluepills included with the kit), and all carry the same 14 day DOA return window.

More info on clone compatibility with the BlueSCSI here:

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